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Mixed feelings over pension consolidation proposal

WILLIAMSON COUNTY (WSIL) — Lawmakers and city leaders are having mixed feelings after Gov. J.B. Pritzker openly supported the idea of consolidating the fire and police pension funds from 649 suburban and downstate departments.

State representative Terri Bryant (R-115th Dist.) tells News 3 that she’s skeptical about the idea and wants to learn more about the how the governor’s task force collected its research.

"I want to see who is benefiting from this. If it benefits us then of course we’re going to jump on board with this," Bryant said.

Herrin Mayor Steve Frattini says both of the city’s police and fire pensions have performed well over recent years, adding that the governor’s idea wouldn’t necessarily affect the city.

Frattini says the state had proposed seven different plans before deciding on a concrete proposal. After speaking to fellow city leaders about the plan, Frattini says that they want to learn more about the plan before signing off on it.

"I think a part of the indecision of my colleagues is that we’ve not had enough information specific to what’s presented," Frattini said.

State representative Dave Severin (R-117th Dist.) has also received comments from constituents about the proposal and says he’s working to learn more about the governor’s suggested action.

"Unless there’s something in there that I haven’t seen, I’m not sure it’s going to be god and positive for us in southern Illinois," Severin said.

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