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Grand Tower prepares for homecoming festival

GRAND TOWER (WSIL) — Leaders in Grand Tower are preparing for the town’s homecoming festival set for Friday. This weekend, several of the carnival rides were brought in. 

Although the event traditionally takes place at Devils Backbone Park, due to the flooding and closing of the campground earlier this year, the homecoming has been relocated to the Rodeo Grounds.

There will be food, games, a beer-tent and carnival rides – which are free.

Park Board President, William Nicholson, says it will be an affordable day with something for everyone.

"We were dedicated to making this happen for the kids, and the city and the township stepped up to help us this year to make our dream come true, and, we’ve got the first set of rides coming in, another set comes in tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll have a good turnout," says Nicholson.

The event kicks off Friday at 6 p.m.

This is the fourth year they’ve offered free rides for the festival and the first year to include vendors and helicopter rides.

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