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75% of kids entering Kindergarten are unprepared: study

(WSIL) — In a recent study by Advance Illinois fewer children in low-income homes participated in preschool and childcare services compared to a decade ago. In the same report children who don’t participate in those programs are unprepared when entering kindergarten. The report states that 75 percent of kids entering kindergarten were not prepared. The study found they lacked basic reading, writing, and math skills. 

Jamie Ragan from Williamson Country Early Childhood Cooperative says their Pre-K program offers a classroom-based learning experience for children three to five years old. From reading to developing behavioral skills, Ragan says will help the kids gain future success in school. 

She says, "The most important things is that there are a lot of opportunities for families."

Karri Forby from Tri-C Elementary says there are resources everywhere for children to develop skills and catch up. 

Forby explains, "The library story hour is a good place to have students sit down and read stories and practice some speaking and listening. Joining little league teams, soccer teams, baseball teams." 

Forby says simple things like having a conversation with a toddler and  reading out loud to them can make a big difference.

She adds, "The listening skills and the speaking and sharing and taking turns but kids don’t necessarily have to be in a Pre-K program to have some of those opportunities." 

For the full Advance Illinois report, you can click here

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