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Illinois colleges see declining enrollment

(WSIL) — A new study by Advance Illinois shows that between 2013 and 2017, enrollment in Illinois higher learning public institutions fell by 13.5 percent. 

Tuesday John A. Logan College held its transfer fair to try to improve enrollment in state colleges and universities.

Sharon Hunter from Western Illinois University says this is one of the school’s busiest months. Hunter says she visits several community college campuses in hopes of getting transfer students and high school students to apply. 

Hunter says, "I would strongly encourage to venture out on some of the great schools that we have here in Illinois and we offer wonderful programs." 

Valerie Rasp, the assistant dean of recruitment at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, says she believes if the university promotes the benefits of going to a state school, they can help encourage students to apply, "I think it’s a misconception that a lot of students have– of what resources they have– (are) within grasp from a university that’s an hour or two away from their home town."

Hunter and Rasp say events like transfer fairs help promote universities in hopes of attracting more students to apply.

Western Illinois University is offering an enrollment application fee wavier from October 19 to October 27.

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