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15th Annual Civil War Days taking place at John A. Logan College

Civil War Days makes a return to John A. Logan college for its 15th annual year. 

The free event is taking place Wednesday, October 16th on the college campus. 

Visitors can expect to see what life was like during the war for soldiers, doctors, nurses and more. 

Here’s the full itinerary for the day:

For more information on Civil War Days at John A. Logan, click here

There will also be an event taking place at the John A. Logan Museum in Murphysboro at 7 p.m. called Civil War Medicine: Myths & Innovations.

Understand how Hollywood has led to some fantastic “myths” over Civil War Medicine. Only in John Wayne medicine did people “bite bullets”. Learn sixteen “real” ways that modern medicine was directly impacted by the Civil War.

Details on the event at the museum can be found here

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