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WSIL-TV is always interested in hearing from our viewers.
If you have a question or comment for us, email us or contact us by phone or letter.

1416 Country Aire Drive
Carterville, IL 62918
Switchboard: (618) 985-2333
Newsroom: (618) 956-9833

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To submit a news tip, comment on a WSIL news story, or suggest an Unsung Hero nomination, send an email to this address.


To submit an idea for a sports story or to comment on a sports story aired on News 3 or, send an email to this address.

Sports: (618) 956-9912


If you have questions or comments for our weather staff, send an email to this address.

Weather: (618) 956-9911


To learn how to promote your organization or event on WSIL-TV, call  (618) 985-2333.

For a free Customer-Finder report, click here to fill-out a short survey.


If you have a question about programming on WSIL-TV, send an email to this address.

Request Video:

While we encourage you to record our newscasts if you expect to be featured, you can request a copy of any story that airs in a WSIL newscast.

The cost is $35 per story, plus $5 for shipping if requesting a DVD copy. Copies are available for up to 6 months following the broadcast date. Payment can be made by check or credit card. Orders are generally filled within 48 hours.

To request a story, contact Universal Information Services at or 1-800-408-3178. Please note that the request is for a WSIL newscast and provide the following information:

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