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Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend

(WSIL) — Daylight Saving Time comes to an end this weekend. On Sunday, November 3 at 2 a.m., you should turn your clock back one hour.

The purpose of Daylight Saving Time is to make better use of daylight. By moving our clocks ahead one hour during the summer months, we move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening.

Daylight saving time will begin again March 8, 2020.

The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) reminds Illinoisans to test and replace the batteries in their smoke alarms as they turn their clocks back.

State Fire Marshal Matt Perez:

The time change serves as a great reminder to test your smoke alarms and change the batteries in them. Parents can use this time to teach kids how to recognize the sound of smoke alarms and to practice their home fire safety plan.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports between 2012-2016, almost three out of every five home fire deaths in the U.S. resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or non-working smoke alarms.

In fires in which the smoke alarms were present but did not operate, more than two of every five of the smoke alarms had missing or disconnected batteries. Dead batteries accounted for 25% of smoke alarm failures.

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