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Lawn and gardening tips for Fall

(WSIL) — We’re well into Fall, but there are things you can be doing to improve your lawn and garden and protect your gardening equipment.

Margie Rehagen with Plantscape Nursery, says there are some things to think about before winter, "There’s a few things that you definitely have to do in the fall, and one of them is to plant spring blooming bulbs."

If you don’t want to wait until spring for some new color, she says now is the time to plant pansies, flowering kale, or mums, "You know, a lot of times they’ll bloom in the snow, but they’ll start blooming again in the springtime."

Late fall is also a great time to fertilize trees and shrubs.

Rehagen says, "You don’t want to fertilize them too soon when they’re still growing because you don’t want to encourage them to grow at this time of the year, they need to be going dormant."

Your lawn going dormant this fall, means you likely won’t need that mower for a while.

J.J. McDonald with Little Tractor and Equipment Company says don’t forget about that equipment, "The customer really needs to think really carefully about either having the battery checked before it gets stored for the winter, or trying to get what they call a battery tender or a maintainer to try to keep that battery up to charge. Fuel systems, if you can run them completely dry, that’s fantastic, that’s the best way to do it. If not, there are several additives you can put in fuel to keep it stabilized."

Mechanical issues aside, McDonald says it’s best to keep your mower deck clean to keep rust from developing, "That will keep the moisture off the deck. You can treat them with a couple of different products, whether it’s WD-40, or we’ve got a product available to us called fluid film, and it’s a wax based product."

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