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WSIL Weather Academy Visits Crab Orchard Elementary

CRAB ORCHARD (WSIL) — The Weather Academy helped 2nd through 8th grade students in Crab Orchard learn about the weather events that impact them everyday.

Morgan Waters, a 4th grade teacher at Crab Orchard Elementary, says her students enjoyed the interactive experiments, "My students learned a lot. I know they were super excited when they got to leave they immediately wanted to write down everything so they wouldn’t forget and to tell their parents."

The demonstrations ranged from creating a cloud using actual weather processes to even creating a land sea breeze.

Michelle Kissing, a 3rd Grade Teacher with the school added, "My favorite part of the weather academy was the land and sea breeze demonstration. I thought that was an excellent way to demonstrate wind and to show the kids how that cycle goes and I think they enjoyed it too. "

Teachers say that when teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM), hands-on activities and experiments help students connect what they’re learning in the textbooks to real life.

"It’s their opportunity to kind of explore and see all the things they have around them and how they work and why they do the things they do," Kissing said. 

Teachers say their students are receptive to science.

"They love science, they love blowing up things, they love seeing things different than just a textbook so for me, my goal is to always make it fun and welcoming and get them excited about learning," Waters said. 

Science isn’t limited to the classroom, thanks to Librarian Tresa McDonald, "I started a group called the Trojan steamers and we work with second grade all the way through high school and it’s just a group for the kids to explore their interests in the sciences, like the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts… With my group so far this year we’ve done an activity with origami so we hit on the arts and the second one was, we made the Archimedes screw and next we’re going to be doing coding," McDonald said. 

While getting students interested in various subjects is important, teachers say their jobs are so much more.

"My goal as a teacher is to create life long learners, those kids that are always looking, asking why and wanting to observe and figure out more and never want to quit reading and never want to quit exploring and figuring things out because that’s how we can change the world.  That’s what we can do to make our world a better place in the future," said Kissing.

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