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Sheriff to would-be thieves: ‘Hemp does not get you high’

WILLIAMSON COUNTY (WSIL) — Authorities want you to be aware of some significant differences between hemp and cannabis as they investigate the theft of more than $8,000 worth of the industrial plant.

Williamson County Sheriff Bennie Vick says they have arrested one juvenile and are working to identify other suspects in the theft of hemp in rural Williamson County.
Sheriff Vick says that while an industrial hemp plant may look and smell like marijuana , there are some significant differences:
Hemp is grown to harvest plant fibers for textiles or to extract oil from the plants. The oil from hemp plants contains cannabidiol (CBD), which is processed to make consumable CBD oil. In Illinois, industrial hemp is tested to ensure it does not contain significant amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the chemical in marijuana that causes the “high” after consumption.
Another noticeable difference between hemp and marijuana plants is that hemp plants may be grown in an open field, while legal or medicinal marijuana farms are required to have significant security arrangements.
If you know about these thefts, contact the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office at (618) 997-6541.

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