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The Weather Academy visits Davies Elementary School in Anna

(WSIL) — The Weather Academy made a stop in Union County at Davies Elementary School in Anna, to help bring weather and science into the classroom. 

The WSIL Weather Team loves to take presentations to schools and teach kids about weather, but they also like to learn a little bit about what students are learning in class, especially in science.

Fourth grade teacher, Jenny Sadler has come up with a pretty creative way of teaching her students about the weather. 

Sadler, says "We have studied weather, we have a hurricane unit that we talked about, and the kids were actually hurricane reporters."

Fourth grader, Brianna Garcia, says "There was an actual homemade camera we made. It was made out of cardboard and duct tape."

Fourth grader, Camron Easterly, explains "When we went up to do our presentation, we had real microphones that I bought, and we sat at a table, and we had two other people that were like the person that’s out in the weather and showing it on the green screen."

Sadler had her students act as meteorologists to teach them more about weather, "They had to include a name for their hurricane, so we talked about how hurricanes were named."

Fourth grader, Kaiban Alstine, elaborates, "We had two hurricanes, one was named the rainbow-corn or something like that, and then we had one named the Jurassic Hurricane."

Sadler says, "They also had to include a weather instrument in their presentation, and then they had to do it as an actual news report."

Sadler is teaching science in a fun and active way, not unlike our very own Weather Academy, "I guess my goal is just to have them grow, from the beginning to the end, in one way or another."

Next week, the Weather Academy will be traveling to Carbondale.

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