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Local couple explores some of southern Illinois’ darker past

There’s an Instagram account, and now Facebook page, taking a look at our region’s darker history. 

It’s called Southern Illinois Murders and it’s ran by local couple Athena and Brice Evans. 

They got the idea after visiting family in Los Angeles and touring some infamous crime scenes like the murders by the Manson family. 

Over the past year, the duo has covered 20 cases in our region. 

Some of those stemming back nearly 100 years ago like S. Glenn Young, who was shot in Herrin.

Other crimes are as recent as the 2016 case of Harrisburg resident Carla Burns. 

The Evans’ say that they take the time to thoroughly research each murder including looking at old newspapers via microfilm at libraries, going to historical societies, reading books by local historians and talking to those who remember the events. 

The couple adds that the community has shown a great interest. 

"I think it’s just part of being a human. I don’t know exactly what it is, but true crime is something that’s always interested people," Brice explains. "We tune into true crime shows that are about crimes that have happened all over the world, and whenever it comes close to home it seems extra interesting to people."

A new post will be added to the social media account at 8 p.m. on Halloween. 

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