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Purdue student denied sale of cold medicine because he’s Puerto Rican

(WSIL) — CVS Pharmacy is apologizing to a Purdue student who CVS employees would not allow to buy Mucinex because he showed a Puerto Rican driver’s license. Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

The student, José Guzman Payano, called his mother in Puerto Rico and told her the story of how the employee and her shift supervisor questioned his immigration status and asked for his visa after he showed them his driver’s license. When he informed them that Puerto Rico is, in fact, part of the United States, and even showed them his U.S. Passport, they still refused to sell him the over-the-counter cold medicine.

Guzman Payano called his mother in Puerto Rico and explained what happened to him. That’s when she took to Facebook and posted about what happened. 

Her post went viral, and currently has more than 11,000 shares. The incident happened October 25. The mother updated her post to say that after nine days, CVS Pharmacy finally contacted them with an apology.

Monday morning, November 4, CVS posted an apology to its Facebook page. The pharmacy reiterated that the company does, in fact, accept Puerto Rican driver’s licenses as a valid form of identification. 

The company also says that it will be reinforcing this with employees.

The family says the reason they pushed for this story to go viral is because they want to make people aware that Puerto Ricans have the same rights as anyone else living in the United States.

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