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Victim of hit-and-run at Red Zone: “I thought I was going to die”

CARBONDALE (WSIL) — A victim of a hit-and-run speaks to News 3 from her hospital bed as deputies search for the driver. 

The incident happened in the parking lot of the Red Zone Sports Bar and Grill early Sunday morning. 

Angela Oliver says her night out was going well, until a fight broke out in the parking lot. She saw the fight and tried to break it up, but says one of the men involved hopped into a red car and backed over her. 

"He hit me and a crowd of people rushed over to try and get him to stop and let him know he had hit somebody, and then that’s when he ran and drove back over me and he drove away," said Oliver. 

The driver quickly fled the parking lot but lost control and crashed at the intersection of Route 37 and Stotlar Road. 

Oliver is now recovering from a broken rib and possible collapsed lung. She said the time underneath the car, keeps coming back to her, "I knew when I heard the car, I could hear underneath, and I knew he was going to pull forward. I grabbed my head and I thought I was going to die."

Oliver says despite the pain she was in, she could only think of one thing, "All I could think about was my son and just hoping that somebody would get a message to my son. I’m looking for anyone I could talk to as I’m laying there and can’t move. I just wanted my son to know I love him."

Investigators are still searching for the driver. They found his car, but he had run away. Deputies say several witnesses at the scene helped to tentatively identify him. 

Oliver hopes he is caught soon, "The police are going to find you, maybe you need to just come forward."

Oliver tells News 3 she has spoken with the other victim. She says he was hit while trying to tell the driver Oliver was under the car. Oliver says that man had injuries to his leg but was released from the hospital.

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