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Tow companies swamped due to winter weather

(WSIL) — Our early winter weather event caused many accidents across the region which kept tow companies busy Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Shawn Hughes, Operations Manager at Vernell’s Interstate Service, says Monday’s weather had employees working around the clock.

Hughes explains, "The phones kept us all pretty steady. A lot of the guys had to work late long hours. We had to call a few guys in to keep the wreckers moving."

Illinois State police reports 22 crashes and 55 motorist assists between Monday at 1 p.m. and Tuesday at 8 a.m. The crashes were non-life threatening and troopers towed 5 vehicles.

Hughes elaborates, "Immediately we get dispatched out to start assisting and aiding in traffic crashes and ween some trucks back onto the roads so things can move smooth." Vernell’s not only stayed busy towing cars last night but were swamped this morning assisting motorists due to the cold temperatures.

Hughes says, "We do towing and we do the roadside recovery, so we get a lot of calls for trucks being froze up, needing to move and so we send our service trucks out and they dethaw them so they can continue their day."

Illinois State Police asks that drivers remember Scott’s Law, slow down and move over for first responders.

Hughes explains, "The biggest thing is the all the warning lights and stuff that we put out, it’s very dangerous out there on the interstate. We can’t ask people enough to slow down when they see us because we want to go home too."

Illinois State Police say that most of the accidents occurred in Jefferson County. 

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