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Ameren turns to goats to clear rights-of-way

(WSIL) – Ameren Illinois is experimenting with an environmentally-friendly way to maintain hard to reach rights-of-way.

The company is currently using 50 goats to clear a steep, rocky plot of land in Hillview, Illinois. Ameren says the dense vegetation must be removed to give linemen a clear line of sight to the power lines and poles along the property.

"When I was first approached about the idea of using goats to clear the underbrush, I was skeptical," said Raymond Riddle, Director of Construction Services, Ameren Illinois. "But it is amazing how quickly and effectively they can do the job in those hard-to-reach areas. Ultimately, this is about making it easier and safer for our crews to get access to our equipment to do their work."

The goats, supplied by Litchfield-based Goats on the Go, can remove approximately one acre’s worth of vegetation in a week.

Ameren says it will review the results of this project to see about using goats for vegetation management in the future.

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