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Harrisburg city council votes to allow recreational marijuana sales

HARRISBURG (WSIL) — Harrisburg leaders passed a resolution allowing the sale of recreational marijuana within city limits at Thursday night’s city council meeting. 

The council voted 4 to 1 to pass the resolution. Commissioners Roger Angelly, Ron Morse, Rupert Johnson, and mayor John McPeek voted "yes". Commissioner Raymond Gunning was the lone "no" vote. 

Resolution 19-1107A  allows the sale of adult use cannabis according to the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. That law goes into effect Jan. 1, 2020. 

The council also voted to implement a 3% tax on sales of marijuana. 

"We’re going to try for a year and see how it goes with Thrive," said mayor John McPeek. "If there are no problems, we’ll address it next year to be expanded to more businesses that are interested in coming to Harrisburg."

Currently, Harrisburg is home to Thrive, a medical cannabis dispensary that also operates a dispensary in Anna. Thrive’s owner Rosie Naumovski told News 3 in October that she’s already applied for a recreational marijuana sales license for her Anna dispensary and has plans to open two more Thrive locations, including one in Mt. Vernon

Harrisburg joins Carbondale, Anna, Mt. Vernon and Williamson County in approving recreational marijuana sales in southern Illinois. 

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