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The WSIL Weather Academy heads to Du Quoin Elementary

DU QUOIN (WSIL) — The News 3 Weather Team took science to the kindergarten and first grade students of Du Quoin Elementary. Some of the school’s youngest students make up this crowd, and they are already familiar with interactive science.

First grade teacher, Amanda Milam, says her class does a lot of "mystery science experiments."

Kindergarten teacher, Sarah Phipps, explains what that means, "We have Mystery Science which is an online program, which we just started a couple years ago. The kids absolutely love it, there’s so many hands-on activities that it really brings science to life for a lot of them."

Starting as early as kindergarten, these students getting their first introduction to subjects like the scientific method. 

Phipps elaborates, "In kindergarten we study life science, earth science, and physical science. We also talk about what it is to be a scientist, and how to conduct experiments, and how to be thoughtful in our processes."

Milam says older students put this knowledge to work, "They do connect-the-dots a little more in first grade, because they don’t have to learn the rules, and they don’t have to learn what school’s all about. They can just dive right into the science and social studies activities and just go straight from there."

Diving right in, by means of interactive experiments.

Milam explains, "We do STEM activities in after school too. We did an activity on sink and float. The Halloween candy that sinks and the Halloween candy that floats."

A lot of fun, but all in the name of learning, of course.

Phipps says, "The earth science, we do a lot of the experiments that you did today, which was really neat. My first graders remembered it from last year, so that was pretty cool."

Milam states, "They absolutely retain more information when you’re actually doing something to go along with the curriculum." 

The Weather Academy will continue to visit area schools through the school year.

You can follow those adventures right here on our website.

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