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Nashville Football: Championship State of Mind.

NASHVILLE (WSIL) — The Nashville Hornets are a win away from a 2A state title and that  has this team in a championship state of mind.

"Been 21 years since we’ve been to state so its exciting. My senior year and we get to go here," Nashville senior offensive lineman Neil Kabat said.

But there’s not a lot of nerves. They’ve got a quarterback who is cool calm and collected.

"I get a little bit nervous before games but I don’t know, me, my personality, I just don’t get super nervous. If I do bad, I don’t get super down on myself or if I do super good, I don’t get too high on myself. I just keep it in one spot," Nashville Junior QB Cole Malawy said.

And when it comes to x’s and o’s, Nashville Head Coach Stephen Kozuszek lays out the strategy.

"Biggest key for us defensively is to own the line of scrimmage and not let them get 3-4 yards a carry and force them into some obvious passing situations and get them out of their comfort zone.  For us offensively we just, we have to control the ball. We can’t waste possessions. A two score lead early would be ideal," Kozuszek said.

And from Malawy’s vantage point his offensive line and skill players have been clutch here of late.

"Playoffs, they’ve been exceptional. I think I’ve only been hurried once or twice and sacked once or twice all postseason, so they’ve been great and our receivers have been great at getting open and finding spots to get the ball thrown to them," Malawy said.

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