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Dozens of children create unique stained glass art

CARBONDALE (WSIL) — Dozens of children created unique stained glass art in Carbondale Sunday afternoon.

The children use the workshop to learn how to create real art with real glass and help those in need at the same time.

All proceeds from the auction end up being used to help better the lives of orphans in Bangladesh.

The 20th annual For Kids’ Sake Art Auction is set to take place early next year, and the stained-glass created in Saturday’s workshop plays a large part in that auction.

Last year’s stained-glass sales accounted for nearly half of the $40,000 the art auction raised.

"Because the money goes really far in Bangladesh, and we’re able to feed children. One of the things we tell them is, ‘Your glass piece may sell for $50 or $65, and you’ll be feeding somebody for a whole month.’ That’s impressive for little children; they’re sort of like ‘wow’,"says curator Hilary Candler. 

This is the tenth year for the stained glass workshop, and it operates with the help of student volunteers from Southern Illinois University. 

Art submissions from students of all ages will be accepted until the end of the year. 

Those selections will hang in the Longbranch Cafe in Carbondale, and a silent auction will run from March 10th through April 24th.

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