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Sheriff’s department opens firing range to hunters

Williamson County (WSIL) — The Williamson County Sheriff’s Department opened their firing range to the public Saturday so that hunters could "sight-in" their hunting guns.

The sheriff’s department began the program eight years ago and say it’s become a popular event for hunters before the season opens.

John Fleming, Deputy Sheriff, says many hunters may only use their gun once a year, so it’s important to make sure it’s "zeroed" in before heading out.

"A lot of times, just handling the gun, getting jostled around in the truck, transported in the vehicle, sometimes that’ll have an effect on the gun or the optics, the setting on the gun, so it’s very good for them to come out here. We get a lot of youngsters out here, too. Dads bring the kids – boys and girls out, so it’s very enjoyable for all of them," says Fleming.

The state’s first firearm deer season is November 22nd through the 24th; the second season is December 5th through the 8th.

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