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A mother grieves after her son is killed in Carbondale

CARBONDALE (WSIL) — Greta Cooper is searching for answers after the death of her son Keon Cooper. 

She explains, "The pain that I’m feeling now, I wish that on each one of their mothers and fathers if they got one, but I wish death on them."

Carbondale Police say 28-year-old Keon Cooper was talking with three men outside his car in a parking lot on South Illinois Avenue when he was shot. Cooper was taken to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale where he was pronounced dead.

The suspects are still at large.

Cooper’s death was the second fatal shooting in Carbondale over the weekend. Xe’Quan Campbell, 16, was shot and killed early Friday morning. Police found Campbell in the west stairway of an apartment building on W. Freeman Street just before 3 a.m.

Sgt. Doug Wilson says anyone with any information is asked to call the police department, "Whatever that maybe. If it’s I saw this particular car leave the scene or I saw the license plate number or I heard about the person that did the shooting."

Greta says she hopes to find forgiveness in her heart but at the moment, she can’t. 

She adds, "I wish that they go the same way that they took my son, and I wish everything that they’re causing my family and the grief that they’re causing my family I wish it triple times on them."

Anyone with information about the deaths of Keon Cooper or Xe’ Quan Campbell is asked to call the police department at (618) 457-3200. 

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