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Sheriff: No new leads on missing Harrisburg woman

POPE COUNTY (WSIL) — The Pope County Sheriff’s office is looking for a woman reported missing in September.

Kimberly Stewart-Whittington, 51, was last seen September 7 walking near Route 145 on the north end of Pope County near the Saline County line. Whittington reportedly got into an argument with a partner and took off.

Pope County Sheriff Jerry Suits said witnesses who saw her walking alone with a cane called the department with concern of her well-being. The department assumed she had gotten a ride when witnesses saw her walking near her home.

"My deputy and I, we just assumed that she was okay. My deputy did travel down to the location, a couple miles from where she lived. But we assumed that she had gotten a ride back into Harrisburg. That’s where she’s originally from," Suits said.

But her family hasn’t heard from her since September 7. About 10 days later, Suits got a call from the family asking if they had seen Whittington. They had filed a missing persons report with the Harrisburg Police Department.

"I got to tell you, I’m worried about it. As a sheriff and as a citizen of this county, I’m hearing it loud and clear from the family. They’re wanting answers, you got an old boy sitting in this chair right here, I’m wanting answers myself," Suits said.

Whittington is described to be white, about 142 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. 

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Whittington is asked to contact the Pope County Sheriff’s Department at (618) 683-4321 or the Harrisburg Police Department at (618) 252-4528. 

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