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Food for Thought: November 19, 2019

(WSIL) — In this edition of Food for Thought, we offer a few unique twists on Thanksgiving classics.

The Thanksgiving Pizza, originally from the Pizza Joint in El Paso, Texas, has found a way to get all the Thanksgiving meal classics in one bite. On top of the crust lies a mushroom gravy sauce, deep-fried turkey, French green beans, stuffing, and crispy fried onions before tossing it in the oven. Once the pizza is out — a few dollops of cranberry sauce are added to each slice — to ensure you get a full Thanksgiving helping in every bite.

For the full recipe, visit Good Morning America’s article where they talk with The Pizza Joint on how they came up with this unique dish.

For dessert, a small twist on the pecan pie: the White Chocolate Pecan Pie by Chef Cat Cora. This sweet treat is simple and delicious; the pie crust, pecans, chocolate, eggs, sugar, corn syrup, and flour are all you need to make this dessert, and there are only eight steps to cook the pie!

For the full recipe, check out this page to see Chef Cora tell her story and how she created this nostalgic dessert.

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