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Moving day for residents of West Frankfort apartment building

WEST FRANKFORT (WSIL) — Wanda Steingruby is one of the residents at 101 West Main Street who have health problems. 

"I’m disabled. I’ m handicap. I just started walking, and I can’t walk any further without the chair," explains Steingruby.

She says not only is she sad about being forced out of her home she’s been living in for years, Steingruby also feels lost. 

West Frankfort City leaders have been fighting to improve or remove this building for more than two years.

Earlier this month, a Franklin County judge ruled in favor of the city to demolish the building, because it violated numerous building and fire codes.

Residents Joe Staley and Donald Childeres give us a closer look at their living situation. 

"I lived here 35 years with my two daughters, and this place has technically not changed one bit since then," says Staley.

Both residents explain they’ve been living in this building off and on for years.

"My feeling is, the landlord had plenty of time to fix stuff, and he would just not fix nothing, and that’s why we’re in this position were in today," says Staley.

Childeres say he’s going to spend the night at a motel in town. Staley plans to move out of West Frankfort. 

"I got a place that  I’m going to in Benton. I don’t want to move to Benton, but I don’t have a lot of choices in  that matter." 

As for Steingruby, she’s going to stay with some friends for the night, and she’ll continue to have faith and patience. 

"You know I believe in God highly, strongly. I know once a door closes another one opens, so I know I’ll be alright."

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