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Williamson County to celebrate National Adoption Day

Williamson County and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) are coming together for National Adoption Day. 

Although the holiday is being held on November 23rd this year, the two groups are honoring it a day early. 

This Friday, 19 adoption cases will be finalized and 24 foster children will go to their forever homes. 

First Circuit Judge Carey Gill, who will oversee some of the cases, says it’s a heart warming moment to see these new families come together. 

"It’s amazing to watch the process and to be a part of that final day," Gill explains. "It’s been a very long process for a lot of these families."

Many of the children have been in foster care for months or years and the adoption process can also take a while. 

Overall, in Williamson County, adoption hearings are held twice a month with 80-100 adoption cases finalized throughout the year. 

On National Adoption Day, DCFS will help to provide doughnuts and coffee for the families in the morning, as well as, cake and punch in the afternoon. 

Robert Schmink, Acting Regional Administrator for DCFS, says there’s still a need in the area for more foster families. 

"The numbers are rising in foster care," Schmink says. "We’ve gone from 12,000 in care to 19,000 in care in a matter of five years."

Those interested in becoming a foster parent can call 1-800-572-2390. 

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