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New Carbondale Warming Center opens its doors

Carbondale opened its new Warming Center to help neighbors in need during the colder months. 

The facility is located at 608 East College street and has 20 beds for visitors, who also receive a care package of socks, a hat and toiletry items. 

Last year, the warming center occupied a trailer across the street and could only hold nine people a night. 

In addition to more spaces, Coordinator Carnalita Cahill says the new facility comes with better sanitary conditions and more security. 

Those include on-site bathrooms and laundry, separate sleeping quarters for male and female guests, as well as, a checking for weapons upon entry.

The city does have a few options for homeless people but space is limited, and Cahill says, some restrictions can prevent them from using the shelters. 

"That’s why we’re here," she remarks. "We want people to be warm this winter, most definitely."

The ultimate goal is to connect visitors with resources that they need so they can get back up on their feet. 

"Our ultimate goal is to get them reconnected with some resources that they may have been disconnected from and kind of get them reconnected with those resources," Cahill says. "And hopefully they’ll be a volunteer here next year."

The Warming Center is open from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. everyday through the middle of March.  

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