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Officials offer tips to keep your home safe during the holidays

(WSIL) — If you don’t want the Grinch to steal Christmas this year, Williamson County Sheriff Bennie Vick says don’t over share on social media. 

Sheriff Vick explains, "Well, the bad guys reads social media also and if they know you’re going on vacation that kind of makes you a target for a burglary or a theft or anything else that can happen to your house when you’re gone."

He says during the holiday season the department gets a high number of calls on robberies, burglaries, and vandalism. 

Sheriff Vick says most of the incidents can be prevented. 

"Just be aware of whats going on around you. People all looking for victims and if you don’t make yourself a victim," he adds.

Sheriff Vick says properly disposing of electronic and gift boxes can also save you.

"The bad guys see that, too, and they know you got a brand new television set sitting in your house just waiting for them to steal," he adds. 

Marion Target Director Erin Dixon says you have the option to pick up purchases at the store rather than having it sent to your home. 

She explains, "We’ll hold them for three days. For them to come and pick up, so you’re coming to a safe environment and you’ll pick up items without worrying if they’ve been stolen."

Dixon says you won’t have to leave your car. 

"We also offer drive up services where our guest can come and select they want us to bring items out to their car. For that we do require and ID an signature as well," she says.

Sheriff Vick says if you do decide to travel away for the holiday season, deputies can keep an eye on your house for free. He says all you need to do is contact the department.

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