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Students learn trade, help community

BENTON (WSIL) — Students in Franklin County are learning a trade and learning about a volunteer program that builds homes for families.

Habitat for Humanity is getting an extra boost in construction hours through a partnership with a regional, vocational education program. 

Students from six schools, enrolled in Construction Trades through the program, get hands-on training while helping to save money on a Habitat home.

"What these kids are learning is that, while college is important, there are so many other good ways, good honest ways to make a living," said Construction Trades Instructor Don Wilburn.  "Every dollar that we save through volunteer labor, like the Building Trades program, is not just helping this family, it’s helping families for the next 20 years that will be receiving money off of this house."

The Habitat program relies on nearly all-volunteer work to build homes, new owners purchase through interest-free loans.  Owners also participate in the construction of their home, putting in time and labor and learning a few trade skills of their own.

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