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WSIL Weather Academy travels to Eldorado

Eldorado WX Acad PKG

ELDORADO (WSIL) -- Teachers at Eldorado Elementary school say that students love when presenters come in to teach, especially with hands-on activities.

"We can read them in a book, but to actually see it, get involved, they love that," says first grade teacher Kristina Lindsey.

It not only gives them a chance to learn something new, but it also creates long lasting memories.

Lindsey explains, "When I was in second grade, in this school, Bonnie Wheeler from News 3 came to my second grade classroom and read a story, and 31 years later, I still have memories of Bonnie Wheeler coming to our school."

Of course, weather impacts the kids everyday, which is why Lindsey says they keep a close eye on what's going on outside.

"One we just read about last month called seasons, and one thing we do in my classroom is I watch Nick Hausen's bus stop forecast every morning, and I look to see what grade weather bee gives for the day," explains Lindsey.

The students love A and B days when they can get outside and run off some energy, but they're also prepared for when bad weather strikes.

"The kids know immediately to line up at our door. We get away from all of the windows, and our playground doors are by our room, so we go out into the hallway. They duck and cover. They know to get close, they know to get quiet so we can hear of any announcements or adults speaking," says first grade teacher Blair Henson.

We all know how the saying goes -- practice makes perfect.

"With our little ones, we sit them in the floor. We kind of tell them what's coming and so they hear it, they get up, and then they do it. So we usually don't have any issues. So then when they're older they know exactly what to do because they've practiced when they're smaller, so it takes a little more practice when they're smaller."

Henson says they practice multiple times a school year, helping both the students and the teachers. "We know how many we're counting always and just getting the kids prepared is number one. As long as they know what to do, it will go really smoothly."

The Weather Academy will continue to try and reach as many kids as possible through the end of the school year. Next week, the Academy heads to Steeleville.

Jacie Brianne

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