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Rare disease found in kids, discovered in dinosaur fossil

disease found in dinosaur fossil

(CNN) -- A rare disease among children has been discovered in a dinosaur that roamed the Earth at least 66 million years ago.

It was found in the fossilized remains of a duck-billed dinosaur.

Tel Aviv University researchers noticed unusual cavities in two tail segments of the hadrosaur, unearthed in Alberta, Canada.

They compared the vertebrae with the skeletons of two humans who were known to have a benign tumor called LCH. The rare and sometimes painful disease affects children, mainly boys.

The researchers used advanced, high-resolution CT scans to analyze the fossils and confirmed it was the same disease.

It was the first time it had been identified in a dinosaur.

Doctor Hila May, head of the Biohistory and Evolutionary Medicine Laboratory at Tau's Sackler Faculty of Medicine, says given that many of the diseases we suffer from come from animals - such as coronavirus, HIV, and tuberculosis - understanding how they manifest themselves in different species and survive evolution can help find new and effective ways to treat them.

The study was published this week in the journal Scientific Reports.

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