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Alzheimer’s expert suggests more clinical trials

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(WSIL) -- Two experimental drugs hoping to prevent or slow the development of Alzheimer's disease have failed during clinical trials.

Elizabeth Cook from the Alzheimer's Association said the number of Alzheimer's patients is on the rise. "230,000 people currently living with Alzheimer's disease in Illinois alone. On top of that we have 588,000 caregivers in Illinois alone caring for those living with the disease," added Cook.

Cook also said the best way to find a solution is to participate in clinical trials. "That's something that we always encourage people to do because that's how we find this information out."

Cook suggests taking advantage of the resources in your community.

Mikilyn Schutt from Active Day Caregiver Support Group said you can get assistance at any time. "We actually have the caregiver buddy app that you can put on your smartphone. and that has been very helpful for a lot of our members because that's 24 hours, 7 days a week the information that they can get. It's also got the helpline for the Alzheimer's Association," said Schutt.

Schutt said helping one another is the only way to bring awareness. "It's important for you to get out and be around with others to realize 1. you're not alone in this and 2. that the things you're going through you are not crazy, you're really having some day-to-day struggles," added Schutt.

Schutt and Cook also said if you want to help find a cure, participate in fundraising events in your community. "We are about concern and awareness. And if people aren't aware of the disease, they can not be concerned," said Cook.

You can find more information about clinical trials through the Alzheimer's Association.

Maya Skinner

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