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Local student schools News 3’s Brooke Schlyer on U.S. Presidents

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Johnathon showalter

DAHLGREN (WSIL) -- While many are celebrating Valentine's Day, an elementary school student is more excited for Presidents' Day.

Johnathon Showalter's love of presidential facts began the summer before the start of the school year.

"I started watching videos of presidents and then I kept trying to name all of them," he explains. "When I finally got it, it was time for second grade."

Showalter says search results for our former leaders and President Trump also named good things that they've done for the country.

Second grade teacher Lynn Belangee took notice of this on the first day of school when playing 'get to know you' games with students.

She asked them what they did over the summer and most responded back with answers like playing with their dog, going on vacation and swimming.

But not Showalter, he responded back 'learn my presidents' and peaked Bulangee's interest.

From then on, Belangee began having him write down presidential facts to her each day.

"I thought that I was encouraging Johnathon to learn more facts," she recalls. "But quickly did I learn Johnathon probably knew more facts than I did."

Showalter can name all 45 presidents in just 35 seconds and knows random facts about each like Ronald Reagan was a movie star before becoming president and that he liked to duel.

He also mentioned that the whig party began as a movement against Andrew Jackson and George Washington turned down a third term as president.

However, his favorite president is Abraham Lincoln due to his part in ending slavery.

"They didn't really get much food, they had to obey everything the master said and they were separated from their family," Showalter says. "It wasn't fair and Lincoln made that stop."

He's also sent letters to all living presidents and has received two letters back from Jimmy Carter.

When asked if he would want to become president, Showalter got bright-eyed and answered 'sure' without hesitation.

"They have secret service that will do whatever you want," he says. "You can also veto other people's laws if you don't like them."

Brooke Schlyer

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