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John A. Logan students work to prevent cyber attacks

CARTERVILLE (WSIL) -- Matt Caskey is a student worker in the Information Technology Department at John A. Logan College. He's also a double major in Cyber Security and Computer Forensics. Matt is also what's called a Logan Defender.

He says," I like what was going on here so I signed up for the program."

Matt says the hands-on experience is giving him a new perspective on cyber attacks.

He explains, "We learn a lot about social engineering like physically and socially tricking people on giving you information and stuff like that. A lot of it doesn't really come down to your skill set with a computer its your skill set as a person and being able to talk to people one on one."

Caskey says often elderly people are targeted, but that they're not the only ones.

He explains, "I say that's a very targeted group but I would say everyone is a targeted group."

Kylee Williams with the Logan Defenders says taking a few minutes out of your day can help make a difference.

She says," I think its like 10 percent of computers are actually encrypted. That's about it and if their not encrypted I can get into them in about three minutes."

Williams says she's proud the program at John A. Logan College is helping students to prevent themselves from becoming the next target.

Most recently, Logan Defenders won a big competition beating more than a handful of universities.

Caskey says the win is nice, but the knowledge he's gaining is the greater victory.

Fahima Paghmani

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