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Should Chicago leave Illinois?

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JEFFERSON COUNTY (WSIL) -- Bill and Brenda Shipley travel to Jefferson County from Marion County for work. The married couple says the distance to work isn't much of an issue, but just about everything else in the state is for them, including taxes.

Bill Shipley said, "I think all of our tax dollars go to Chicago and none of it stays down here."

The Shipley's are in support of Chicago separating from the rest of the state.

Brenda Shipley said, "We need to keep our tax dollars down here and they can raise their taxes up there all they want and leave ours alone."

Jefferson County board Chairman Cliff Lindemann weighed in, saying that's why the ballot question is important.

He continued, "We have our values we have our morals down here and we want to stick to them. We don't want to be dictated by Chicago and Springfield on what were doing, and that goes with property taxes, that goes with pro-life, that goes with gun control."

For him, Chicago isn't the main issue.

Lindemann explains, "We need more voice in Springfield. We need more voice with the Chicago democrats and the Chicago political machines to make a bigger difference."

And that's why these supporters say separation should happen.

Brenda adds, "Cook County rules how we vote so that needs to change. I think Southern Illinois will definitely be different."

Chairman Cliff Lindemann tells us the ballot question is an advisory referendum. Meaning, the vote would not directly change anything.

Fahima Paghmani

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