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Mixed reactions to bill filed to raise speed limits

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(WSIL) -- Bills have been filed in Illinois to raise the speed limit on state roads. Some drivers are for the change, but some law enforcement agencies are concerned.

State Senator Jim Oberweis recently filed bills to raise the speed limit from 55 to 60 miles per hour on highways and from 70 to 75 miles per hour on interstates outside urban areas.

News 3 asked drivers what they thought about raising the speed limit.

"Probably wouldn't hurt anything. Back in--many years ago, the speed limit used to be 65, even on the secondary roads. And then they decreased them to 55 and back and forth," said Roger Legendre.

"I travel the interstates several times a day, actually, and I think there's several fatal accidents every year, and I think they should be slowed down probably, if anything," said Ryan Reid.

"People already travel too fast, and if you put on a sign that it can go five miles faster, then you're going to be going another five to ten faster than what they're already going, which is over the speed limit," said Terri Sparrow.

Williamson County Deputy Brian Murrah says the change could create more accidents.

"The drawbacks are going to be at least a slight increase in the number of crashes that we see. And as the number of crashes go up, since it's a faster speed, there's going to be a little more force involved in the crashes."

Illinois State Police keep date on the number of crashes each year. According to ISP, in 2009, there were 81,711 crashes involving speeding. In 2018, that number was 107,789.

Sen. Oberweis' bills have been sent to a Transportation subcommittee, which has no members.

There's no word on when they could be up for a vote.

Maya Skinner

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