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New SIU president talks about the future of the university system

CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- It's a busy Wednesday for Dan Mahony, but lately, that's pretty much the norm for him.

The new SIU system president spoke today about his many plans for the future.

Mahony explained, "The biggest thing, I think this month, beyond a lot of the other activities will be the chancellor search on the Carbondale campus and having the candidates on campus, which we'll do after spring break."

Mahony said he and his team are working on improving many areas, but he's focusing on growing enrollment and helping students complete their degrees.

He explained, "I hope to have the strategic plan done by the fall, and then a budget model sometime after that, but I think a part of that will be: yeah, what can we do, and how do we allocate the resources across the system?"

The system president said, as of now, he doesn't think there will be downsizing. Another thing he's focusing on is building a working bond with state leaders.

He added, "I think I'll be really advocating for is support for the system. The SIU system doesn't get as much as sometimes as some of the other institutions in the state."

Mahony says part of his new role is to unify the divided system, and he said he's going to divide his time between SIUC, SIUE and Springfield.

Fahima Paghmani

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