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Weather Academy visits Pinckneyville

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Pinckneyville WX Acad PKG

PINCKNEYVILLE (WSIL) -- The WSIL Weather Academy made it's most recent stop in Perry County.

When we visit schools with our Weather Academy presentations, we like to highlight fun and unique things that students and teachers are doing in math, science, and other subjects -- but sometimes, it's neat to see schools building the everyday skills we need, in order to function in the real world.

"We had to put the name and address..." says Lilly, a St. Bruno student.

"And we had to sign the name and put the date, and who you're writing to," says Brody.

These students are learning how to mail a letter. It's simple, but second grade teacher, Nicole Wynn, says it's a skill they'll likely need to know.

"Well first they have to learn how to address an envelope correctly, and then that starts really young, so that's a good skill to have. Then direction and finding where they are, and getting to know other students that they may not have come in contact with because they have to delvier mail to them."

These students have created a mail system inside their school. Separate floors are individual towns, and each room gets a number and street name.

"The students in the whole school can mail letters, and my class acts as the mail carriers, and they sort the mail and deliver it."

Addy, a fifth grader at St. Bruno, mostly sends personal mail.

"I send stuff to my friends, and I ask them how their weekend was, or like what they're doing this week."

And she has ties to the origins of this system.

"Her mother actually works at the post office and suggested it to me," says Wynn.

Addy says her mom sort of helped start the school mail system.

"Yeah she works at the post office, it's really cool to go in there… The box that they sort the mail in, in the second grade classroom, was at our house for a long time."

Before the school mail reaches the sorting box, it has to be collected.

"There's a mailbox down in the cafeteria, and that's where they mail their letters every day," Wynn says.

Addy says although much smaller, it's a system based in reality.

"At the post office they have a lot bigger sorters for each route, and in the second grade classroom they just have a little box with slots in it."

St. Bruno Catholic School is just one of our many stops. To catch up on our adventures, click here.

John Ross

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