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A Taste of the Region: Bluefish Cafe

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DONGOLA (WSIL) -- There's no need to travel hundreds of miles away to Louisiana for Cajun food, you can get it right at the Bluefish Cafe.

The restaurant has taken over the former Bluefish Lagoon, which served Caribbean food, and is now ran by Cherish Boudreaux.

She's from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana also known as the Crawfish Capitol of the World.

"They have the Crawfish festival, which the crawfish season is three months," Boudreaux explains. "That way you get it proper."

Boudreaux makes it known that she's Cajun and cooks Cajun food, not creole.

"Cajuns do not cook with tomatoes, so none of their pastes are tomatoes" she explains. "Cajuns use flour, onion, peppers, and celery."

Cajuns are of Acadian descent, or French settlers, who relocated to the bayous of Louisiana after many years of exile. While Creole, Boudreaux explains, are also European ancestry with African, Caribbean or Hispanic descent and settled in cities.

Boudreaux says this difference impacts their everyday life, " We're having fun. It's not like we're in a big city or you have to be proper."

She extended her southern hospitality, making our News 3's Brooke Schlyer lots of dishes to try.

Starting with a seafood platter with shrimp, frog legs, oysters and Cajun fries. The seafood is put in an egg wash with spices and then lightly dusted in flour and deep-fried to golden perfection.

The first entree is Gumbo with two types of sausage and chicken.

The dish takes six hours to make and starts with a golden roux and water is added a little bit a time. The holy trinity and the meat is added with spices until it gets a dark brown color.

Next, Crawfish Etouffee. This dish also starts with a flour roux, and Boudreaux says, once that gets the right color more ingredients are added.

Those include cream of mushroom soup, seasoning like Cayenne pepper and Paprika, and the meat -- in this case -- the Crawfish.

Then for dessert, traditional beignets. It's a dough that's deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

BROOKE'S PICK: I'm going to be really honest with you, I've never had frog legs before the Bluefish Cafe. So, I have nothing to compare them to, but they really do taste just a little bit like chicken. However, the dish that really stood out to me is the etouffee. The entree was nice and creamy with bold Cajun spices and lots of crawfish. NO skimping out. I love beignets and these hit the spot. For those who have never had them, they are like little pillows of funnel cake.

Brooke Schlyer

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