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Goreville returns heartbroken without the chance to compete

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Goreville VO

GOREVILLE (WSIL) -- It's been a disappointing few days for the Goreville boy's basketball team.

As of yesterday afternoon they were making their way to Peoria with a chance to play for a 1A state title.

Today, they had to drive back into town without the chance to compete for the state title.

Fans and players alike gathered back at Goreville High School to welcome the boys bask into town. A chance to celebrate a team that made a remarkable run.

"Them not knowing, that hurts," said Goreville Basketball Head Coach Todd Tripp. "They thought they had two games left in their schedule, you know the last two games of the season. You get to play the last game of the year, which we did and we ended on a win so we try to look at the positives."

"Going back in the hotel room after coach had told us that the tournament had been cancelled, I was sitting there thinking that like that was the last game at SIU and like none of us knew," said Goreville senior Nick Compton. "That was the last time I was going to put on that uniform and no one knew and knowing that it broke me down and brought me to tears. It was crazy."

"I think we were all kinda preparing ourselves after the media blew up with the NBA and NCAA, but nothing can really prepare you for that," said Goreville senior Luke Brown. " It's heartbreaking after you have worked so hard since sophomore season to make it here and be told that you can't play in that tournament . I guess you got to take it how it is. At least we made it."

We got a chance to ask Senior Landon Albright about any positives that could be taken from the situation.

"I was just reflective of all the time I got to spend with my family on the court and it all brought us closer as a community and they are all brothers to me so I'm going to miss it next year," sand Albright.

"We thought we had a good chance to go up there and win this championship and you know not having an opportunity to try is the worst part,' said Coach Tripp. "They have had such a great season they have done such a good job. There are seven other schools up there, that left Peoria feeling the same way we do, but just not having the opportunity to do it that hurts the worst."

Kendra Sheehan

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