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Gilster Mary Lee looking to hire amid COVID-19 spread


CARTERVILLE (WSIL) -- Customers racing to the store to stock up on food supplies has created a boost in business for companies that supply grocery stores.

Gilster Mary Lee, based in Chester, Illinois, is one of those companies.

They hope to use this situation to put people to work, especially those who have lost their job due to government restrictions implemented to slow the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company says they need help ramping up production based on an increased demand for pantry staples like pancake mixes and macaroni and cheese.

"So demand has shot up sharply, and of course there's some hoarding and things like that going on that, you know, just kind of makes the situation worse, so we do have a lot of demand and we do need to add some employees in order to accomodate them," says Vice President of Technical Sales and General Counsel, Tom Welge.

Gilster-Mary Lee is in need of workers for food manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse roles at most of their plants in southern Illinois and southeast Missouri.

John Ross

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