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Beyond the Highlights – A father/son baseball bond

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Mizell PKG

PADUCAH (WSIL) -- Currently we don't have any games due to coronavirus concerns.

And if we don't have high school baseball this season, one local athlete might miss out on a chance of a lifetime.

We go beyond the highlights where baseball is a special bond for one local father and son.

Jase Mizell was expected to have a big senior season at Massac County, but he might not get a chance to play at all this year.

"We always talk about it all the time that how you get an opportunity and you make the best of it but right now we cant so there's nothing we can do about it so there's a biggger picture to it all," Massac County senior Jase Mizell said. "Everybody's got to stay healthy. Baseball will everntually come back around and if we get to play we get to play and when we do I'm going to play my hardest and play for the team."

Mizell was on pace to break several school records, including three that have been held for nearly thirty years. Records that are held by his dad Sean.

"It's tough, as a dad to watch your son work so hard his whole life and you get to your senior year and everything gtes cancelled," Sean Mizell said. "Its tough knowing how much they want something and possibly not get to do it."

"It'd be awesome because now I'd get to be the one in the household to say I've beat the old man, so it'd be pretty fun if I'd get to do that," Jase Mizell said.

I joked with him if it doesn't happen, have you been teasing him it looks like the records are going to stand. Has that been the joking?

"Yeah, that's been an ongoing joke for a long time," Sean Mizell said. "No who knows. Who knows what would have happened. I think he would have had a really good shot to have a really good year this year as far as numbers goes and I won't lie to you, I was hoping he would break them. I still, even if he doesn't get to play I couldn't be more proud of him."

If you do get a chance is there a specifi record your dad owns that you'd like to break?

"Yeah definitely he owns both of the homerun records. He owns the career homerun record and he owns the season homerun record so those would definitely, I was on pace for them this year and those would be special for me if I could break those," Jase Mizell said.

While there's no games, the Mizells stay positive and take advantage of father son time.

"Nothing's better than playing catch with your old man," Jase Mizell said. "It doesn't get any better than that. I started baseball when I was four, tee ball, as long as I can remember, fell with the game ever since then he's always been right there next to me the whole way."

"If you love sports and as a father you want to be a part of it, watch him, but to just get outside, throw the ball and play catch and teach them little things here and there. There's nothing better than playing catch with your son, Sean Mizell said.

I asked what would be the perfect ending and Sean summed it up best.

"We've kidded around about it before too and I also tell him that I hoped he would get it and then I hope his little brother comes in behind him and breaks it if he gets it too so that would be pretty neat," Sean Mizell said.

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