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Alexander County impacted by flooding

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Flooding Alexander County

ALEXANDER CO. (WSIL) -- High river levels are causing issues for folks in Alexander County. Local river levels along the Mississippi are nearly 5 feet above flood stage and are expected to rise a few more inches in the coming days.

"It's the all too familiar situation of the river once again is getting high and it's got high enough, like it's going over Miller City Road, which then allows it to flood back into Horseshoe Lake across several of my other roads before it goes back into the river," explained Alexander County Highway Engineer Jeff Denny.

Flood waters over Miller City Road have some blocked off from town leaving them to travel by boat.

"You just have to kind of wait and see. For this event, we're really close to the crest on both rivers, so this is about what it's going to do. Kind of a moderate, cause some heachaches, cause a little bit of damage, hopefully is all. Hopefully this is it, and then it goes down," said Denny.

Denny says due to a breach in the Len Small Levee, flooding is something they've unfortunately become very familiar with. "This morning we found some areas that were washing out. The next road north, we're starting to lose some of the shoulder on the end of the pavement. So we're putting down some riprap before the water gets too deep to try and protect the road and not actually lose the road surface."

However, Denny says it's farmers who have seen the biggest impact.

"I mean, their farms are covered in sand, or they're washed out, or they flood so often now. I mean, they've taken a huge economic hit over the last four years."

The Army Corps of Engineers is currently working on the Len Small Levee to prevent further damage to the remaining structure.

Jacie Brianne

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