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Integrated Health provides medical help with Tele-Services

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(WSIL) -- If you're thinking about a doctor's visit right now, but holding off for social distancing reasons, there's an option that may work well for you.

Tele-Services can be a way for patients to get the help they need without physically visiting an office.

Since Monday, Danielle Baker and Morgan Gant say they've treated dozens of patients through their computers and phone calls.

"We're basically at a virtual visit. So I can see them, they can see me, then we complete the visit," said nurse practitioner Morgan Gant.

Patients of all age ranges can get physical and mental services they need while protecting themselves from COVID-19.

"So many elderly patients don't have a computer in their home or internet or don't have access to that. So for those patients especially, that's when we're really utilizing phone calls for their care," said nurse practitioner Danielle Baker.

"The children and adolescents that I've seen recently, the parent will start off the visit, help them get hooked up to the technology, or half the time the kid knows more about it than the parent," said Gant.

To comfort those in isolation or balancing taking care of loved ones at home, Baker and Gant have health tips they constantly tell their patients.

"Skype, Zoom all those platforms where you can see a face to face, have a conversation, I think that helps a great deal. As I mentioned earlier, making out a daily schedule, keeping a routine to follow is huge, especially for our patients with high levels of anxiety," said Baker.

As well as staying active for at least 30 minutes a day.

"Stretching, yoga, Pilates, workout routines these are all things that can be done in the comfort of your own home," said Baker.

Baker and Gant say whether its concerns about a prescription or a need for counseling, having someone to talk to about your health can make a difference for your well-being.

"Them being able to see our face, hear our voice, that provides a great deal of comfort and relief for our patients," said Baker.

For information about Tele-Services click here.

Maya Skinner

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