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Southern Seven Health Department urging residents to complete census


ULLIN (WSIL) -- The Southern Seven Health Department says this year's census count will have an impact on the services you receive, for better or worse.

Shawnna Rhine, community outreach coordinator for the health department, says the southernmost seven counties in Illinois collectively missed out on more than $12.5 million due to an undercount during the 2010 census.

Rhine says a proper count of citizens in these counties will provide crucial funding, especially in the midst of an event like COVID-19.

"One of the things that the census does for us is help us prepare for emergencies, including things like we're seeing today with the pandemic of COVID-19. It also helps us to prepare for flooding in our area, earthquakes, other things."

Rhine says the census can be done by mail, online, or by phone, so you can ensure proper funding for your area without leaving your home.

John Ross

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