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Shawnee Mass Transit, Rides Mass Transit make changes

coronavirus structure

(WSIL) -- Many local entities are making changes due to COVID-19 such as grocery stores having limited hours, and restaurants only offering meals curbside or delivery.

Local transportation companies are also doing their part to step up as a safety precaution.

Shawnee Mass Transit District:

Shawnee Mass Transit District has announced they will no longer take cash payments for fares.

Officials with the company say they've also taken steps to help keep riders safe including enforcing social distancing guidelines, adding buses to existing routes when needed to reduce the amount of riders per bus, and stepping up their normal cleaning routine.

"Pretty much after every trip after every ride we're doing a disinfecting cleaning wiping down all the handles wiping down all the seats and doing a little more thorough in depth cleaning just more frequently than we usually do," Mike Pietrowski, Executive Director says.

Officials also say that people who have passes will not need to renew them until the company begins collecting fares again.

They say the ride schedule will continue as normal and Shawnee Mass Transit will continue to provide all insurance approved medical transportation for customers.

The company can be contact here with questions: (866) 577-6278

Rides Mass Transit District:

The company has suspended fare collection indefinitely and monthly passes will be valid through May 1st.

All eligible Medicaid and MCO trips will continue being billed through the same insurance process.

This initiative is being implemented to help reduce exposure and best adhere to social distancing guidelines.

News 3 recommends contacting your local RMTD Operation Center for route availability at least 24 hours in advance.

Meanwhile, RMTD is strongly encouraging travel only in essential circumstances such as obtaining groceries, food, medicine and for transportation to non-emergency medical appointments.

The company can be contact here with questions: (618) 993-1900

Brooke Schlyer

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