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DeAnna Price focused on 2021 Olympics

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CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- DeAnna Price made quite a name for herself as a Saluki student athlete, and she's one of the best in the hammer throw in the world.

Price won the 2019 Worlds and was pumped up for this upcoming Olympics, but it was postponed.

She's still staying positive, so we set up a Zoom interview to find out what steps she's taken to continue to stay focused for next year's summer Olympics.

"Defintely challenging, definitely needed to be done because everything was shut down," Price said. "I've been very fortunate that people gave us hints here that the weight room at SIU is being shut down so we hurried up and bought some equipment, put it in our garage. Definitely an adjustment period. It's us balancing everything and making sure we are doing it correctly. It's definitely frustrating when we are in limbo trying to figure out if we were still having the Olympics or not and putting ourselves at risk trying to go out and practice, and luckily, we were able to reel it back in, still practicing, finding open fields, doing just some turns, just to stay in shape."

The Olympics are postponed until next summer, but the game plan stays the same for Price.

"It's not changing. We are really putting our nose to the ground, go out, kind of taper it back to a base training. Hopefully, there will be some competitions in late August and September. Hopefully, if not, we'll stay in a base, go all the way through and prep for 2021. Same song and dance, just trying to figure out how to peak at the right time."

Competition always brings out the best in everyone, so when you see the numbers is it hard practicing by yourself or do you find ways to have others around but ten feet apart, or do you have somebody else that you know is training and they give you their numbers? How do you stay competitive because I believe competition brings out the best in people?

"Competition does bring out the best in people, and it is honestly going to be an interesting situation. You have to compete against yourself to be honest, it's amazing, and it's great, but I have training partners that I train with, and we just keep each other updated on staying healthy and that kind of thing."

Jason Hurst

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