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Illinois Supreme Court reviews White County case

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WHITE CO. (WSIL) -- For many gun owners in Illinois, the topic of a FOID card is an ongoing issue.

Larry Morse, a certified instructor with Heartland Training Team out of Marion, says the changes to FOID cards are redundant, and the new changes are putting a burden on expired card holders.

Morse explains,"Anybody with half a brain and can read the Second Amendment, and if you can read that slated language that we had 250 years, give or take ago, you can figure out this applies to the state."

In 2017, Vivian Brown, a resident of White County, was charged with violating the law when she had a firearm in her home without possessing a FOID card.

Justice Judy Cates of the Fifth Appellate Court says in February 2018, the White County Circuit Court sided with Brown and found the FOID card law unconstitutional when applied to her case.

The state appealed directly to the Illinois Supreme Court a few months later.

"The Supreme Court should have said-- The trial court did the right thing and as applied to Ms. Brown. This portion of the FOID statute was unconstitutional."

Morse believes the state is adding hardship on gun owners who just want and need to defend themselves. He hopes state officials can improve the laws for the better.

"To defend yourself, you shouldn't have ask anyone for permission," said Morse.

No word on when the Illinois Supreme Court will make its decision.

Fahima Paghmani

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