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Harrisburg baseball stays positive during quarantine

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harrisburg baseball

HARRISBURG (WSIL) -- There was a lot of optimism coming into this season and for good reason. You see the Bulldogs made it all the way to the Elite Eight last year and this year they were looking to win it all. That was a lineup full of sophomores and juniors, Now they are juniors and seniors, They had big goals and they may not be able to take the field this year but they are still staying positive, still finding ways to work out on their own and earlier today we met up with them through a Zoom interview to get their thoughts on moving forward and still staying positive.

"When you do come back you come back better than you were before," Harrisburg senior Isaac Crabb said. "Some people sit on the coach this whole break and not getting any better or work out on their own. Desperate time times call for desperate measures and you just want to outwork the other guy you play against. You just have to have that motivation and drive for yourself."

It's a tough time because you want to be out there playing right now but you realize things are bigger than baseball and I'm trying to get as much work in as I can to be prepared if we do get back to WORK.

"I can speak for me and the rest of the team that we've been looking forward to this since school started," Harrisburg senior Will Gibbs said. "Really worked hard for it and for it to get taken away and for there to be nothing we can do about it really hurts."

"We were looking forward to this season since last season ended but for us seniors we are going to be playing each other next year in college ball so that is something else to look forward to," Harrisburg senior Will Holland said.

Is there anybody off the top of your head teammate wise that might have had an opportunity to get a scholarship but needed this season?

"Javie Beal and Noah Boon," Crabb said. "They said they had teams come watch them this spring and big opportunities coming and just stripped away. Tough for them to go through it right now too."

How hard is it as a pitcher to stay sharp because of the limitations?

"I have a routine like every pitcher has a routine. Still do my running, still do my long toss, stay stretced out but dont get to throw a bullpen because I don't have a mound, I have not catcher, I have no net to throw into so Ive just been basically throwing flat ground, not throwing a hundred percent to my dad who caught in high school and he's doing the best he can."

Jason Hurst

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