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Harrisburg Medical Center is open for business with upgrades

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HARRISBURG, Ill. (WSIL) -- With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, hospitals are now beginning to resume elective surgeries.

While the rate of surgeries is slow compared to before the pandemic, doctors and patients alike are eager to get back to some normalcy, although rules are still in place like limiting or not allowing visitors.

Don Hutson, CEO of Harrisburg Medical Center says, stopping these surgeries has caused a backlog of patients, but they're working to get those most in need, to the front of the line.

"Based on the urgency or medical need and which ones can be postponed a little bit more while we ramp that up. But our goal is to get to full capacity as soon as it is absolutely safe to do so," Hutson said.

In addition to resuming elective surgeries Harrisburg Medical Center is also opening their new state-of-the-art MRI center.

New MRI machines use advanced technology that provides the best possible imaging and a larger bore size which helps patients feel more comfortable during the process, and those aren't the only upgrades.

Assistant Vice President, Adam Anderson said, "It's equipped with a Bose audio system which during any exam the patient can listen to whatever podcast, what genre of music they choose. It's equipped with acoustic reduction technology, artifact and metal reduction and motion reduction technologies all to ease that claustrophobia or the patient comfort that we're shooting for."

The staff of the hospital wants to thank the community for the outpouring of support during the past few months.

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